About Us

Our focus is to create a win-win situation by helping consumers save money, business owners increase revenue, and entrepreneurs earn the money they deserve. With over 4 million memberships sold since 1996, Hotels Etc. is classified as the largest travel and entertainment discount club of its kind on the globe. Plus, becoming a Lifetime Gold Member means never having to pay renewal fees, ever.


...can enjoy deep savings on hotels, cruises, airfare, car rentals, entertainment and recreation, restaurants, shopping and so much more. If you would like to enjoy all that life has to offer for the lowest cost possible then join Hotels Etc.

Business Owners

...can count on higher profits and less wasted earning potential by joining our Discount Network. With Hotels Etc., our success means your success. With over four million card carrying members, we are certain we can increase your revenue. For more information on how to add your company or business visit our business submission page. Hotels Etc. is a sub-chapter S corporation based out of Loganville, GA with corporate offices in over 14 countries with valid discounts in over 140 countries. Our head staff at each corporate office works continuously to improve our discount program, spending countless hours negotiating with business owners around the globe to participate in the Hotels Etc. discount network. We are always adding new categories and discounts to help our members save money. Once a deal is negotiated and approved, our Quality Control Department confirms the validity and includes them in our member directory. Quality is always our highest priority.

"Hotels Etc. is based on a promise to save consumers money, increase business owners' profits, and help entrepreneurs create success."

Shawn Pigg